The Graduate Program in Oncology (PPGO)


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The Graduate Program in Oncology of INCA (PPGO-INCA) aims to graduate Masters and PhD professional for conducting research and academic activities in higher education institutions. The Program acts in the diverse areas of Oncology, conducting basic, translational, clinical and epidemiology research.

The Program belongs to the Medicine I area, Health greater area of CAPES (Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education), and was established in 2005, with CAPES grade 5 (of a maximum of 7). It is the only Graduate Program in Oncology linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Health and the only Scricto Sensu Graduate Program at INCA.

PPGO-INCA offers intramural courses. These cover a vast range of knowledge necessary for the professional to engage in the multidisciplinary area of Oncology. Courses comprise basic and advanced modules. The development of research projects occurs not only in the city of Rio de Janeiro, but also in various locations in Brazil and abroad, through collaborations with renowned Brazilian and foreign investigators and representatives of international institutions of excellence.

PPGO-INCA has a multidisciplinary team of highly productive Professors who are engaged in the major Oncology areas, thus providing the opportunity for conceiving and carrying out research projects in various themes. The research laboratories at INCA are recognized for harboring state-of-the-art equipment and conditions for the development of high-quality research in Oncology.

PPGO-INCA also encases extension and teaching activities, such as the Summer Course in Experimental Oncology and the INCA of Open Doors to Schools.

Homologated by the National Council of Education (Ordinance no. 1919 of June 3rd, 2005.
CAPES Grade 6 (last national triennial evaluation, 2010-2012).