The Graduate Program in Oncology (PPGO)


Last updated: 08/23/2021 | 16h12

List of all courses offered by PPGO-INCA and the course schedules of the latest academic semester.

Basic Courses

The basic courses serve to provide basic concepts to the student. Among all basic courses, students will have to choose and attend a minimum of three in total. 

  • Biology of the Cell
  • Basic Biostatistics
  • Basic and Tumor Immunology
  • Basic Epidemiology
  • Basic Genetics
  • Principles of Clinical Trials
  • Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

Advanced Courses

These courses, offered periodically and always in the second semester, comprise topics with variable contents, length and allocated credits, and may be offered by different instructors:

  • Advanced Topics in Genetics
    Professors: Dr. Hector Seuanez, Dr. Miguel Ângelo Moreira, Dr. Fernando Vargas, Dr. Cibele Bonvicino
  • Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology
    Professors: Dr. Eliana Abdelhay, Dr. Ilana Renault, Dr. Etel Gimba, Dr. Miguel Ângelo Moreira
  • Advanced Topics in Cell Biology
    Professors: Dr. João Viola, Dr. Jose Morgado, Dr. Eliana Abdelhay, Dr. Miriam Werneck
  • Topics in Immunology
    Professors: Dr. Martin Bonamino, Dr. João Viola, Dr. Miriam Werneck
  • Topics in Pharmacology
    Professors: Dr. Raquel Maia, Dr. Marcelo Alex
  • Topics in Epidemiology
    Professors: Dr. Liz de Almeida, Dr. Luiz Thuler, Dr. Maria do Socorro Pombo-de-Oliveira
  • Topics in Biostatistics
    Professors: Dr. Liz Almeida, Dr. Luis Thuler
  • Topics in Tumor Signaling
    Professors: Dr. Jose Morgado, Dr. João Viola, Dr. Miriam Werneck, Dr. Eliana Abdelhay, Dr. Renata Binato
  • Topics in Molecular Oncology
    Professors: Dr. Raquel Maia, Dr. Claudete Klumb, Dr. Etel Gimba, Dr. Andreia Melo
  • Topics in Solid Tumor Oncology
    Professors: Dr. Luis Felipe Pinto, Dr. Jose Morgado, Dr. Fernando Dias, Dr. Luiz Thuler
  • Topics in Oncology of Leukemias and Lymphomas
    Professors: Dr. Claudette Klumb, Dr. Raquel Maia, Dr. Maria do Socorro Pombo-de-Oliveira, Dr. Ilana Renault Zalcberg, Dr. Eliana Abdelhay, Dr. Maria Luiza Silva, Dr. Teresa Fernandes, Dr. Renata Binato
  • Topics in Oncovirology
    Professors: Dr. Marcelo A. Soares, Dr. Claudia Rocio Hassan, Dr. Esmeralda Soares
  • Topics in Clinical Oncology
    Professors: Dr. Andreia Melo, Dr. Fernando Dias, Dr. Claudete Klumb, Dr. Raquel Maia
  • Topics in Tumor Development Mechanisms
    Professors: Dr. Andreia Melo, Dr. Raquel Maia
  • Topics in Bioinformatics
    Professor: Dr. Miguel Ângelo Moreira

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