The Graduate Program in Oncology (PPGO)


Last updated: 10/31/2018 | 16h41

All advisors who wish to indicate student candidates for the MSc/PhD selection process must be approved in an annual accreditation, even if he/she is advising students in the Program. The accreditation of permanent and collaborating advisors is held once a year. Among the requirements for approval of accreditation are the criteria for Faculty productivity according to the standards of area “Medicine I” at CAPES (Brazilian Ministry of Education). For those who are already advisors to the Program, the requirements for participation in the activities of the Program, as the offering of regular courses, participation in comissions and as member of Exam Committees for MSc and PHd public defenses, as well as extension and social activities of the Prorgam will be taken into account. 

For the 2013-2016 quadrennium, the following advisors are included in the Program: 


Permanent Advisors

Name Department Phone Email
Beatriz de Camargo Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Program (21) 3207-6599
Claudete Esteves Nogueira Pinto Klumb

Molecular Hemato-Oncology Program

(21) 3207-1198
Claudia Esther Alicia Rocio Hassan CEMO (21) 3207-1183
Eliana Saul Furquim Werneck Abdelhay CEMO (21) 3207-1691
Esmeralda Augusta Jardim Machado Soares Oncovirology Program (21) 3207-6561
Etel Rodrigues Pereira Gimba Molecular Carcinogenesis (21) 3207-6693
Fernando Luiz Dias Head and neck Service -
Guilherme Suarez Kurtz Programa de Farmacologia (21) 3207-6502
Hector Nicolas Seuanez Abreu Genetics Program (21) 3207-6515
Ilana Zalcberg Renault CEMO (21) 3207-1506
João Paulo de Biaso Viola Immunology Program (21) 3207-6503
José Andrés Morgado Díaz Cell Biology Programv (21) 3207-6503
Liz Maria de Almeida Population Research Division (21) 3207-5513
Luis Felipe Ribeiro Pinto Molecular Carcinogenesis Program (21) 3207-6510
Luiz Claudio Santos Thuler Clinical Research Program (21) 3207-6659
Marcelo Alves Soares Oncovirology Program (21) 3207-6514
Marcio Soares Programa de Pesquisa Clinica -
Maria do Socorro Pombo de Oliveira Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Program (21) 3207-6532
Maria Luiza Macedo Silva CEMO (21) 3207-1701
Mariana Emerenciano Cavalcanti de Sá Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Program (21) 3207-6520
Martin Hernan Bonamino Molecular Carcinogenesis Program (21) 3207-6547
Miguel Angelo Martins Moreira Genetics Program (21) 3207-6586
Raquel Ciuvalschi Maia Molecular Hemato-Oncology Program (21) 3207-1808
Renata Binato Gomes Stem Cell Laboratory (21) 3207-1874
Tereza de Souza Fernandez Cytogenetics Laboratory (21) 3207-1867

Collaborating Advisors

Name Department Phone E-mail
Fernando Regla Vargas Genetic Program (21) 3207-6514
Francisco Paumgartten Fiocruz -
Gabriela Villaça Chaves HCIII - Nutrition (21) 3207-2846
Leila Chimelli Oncologic Pathology / Neuropathology (21) 3207-6512
Marcelo Alex de Carvalho Pharmacology Program (21) 3207-6575
Paulo Pimentel de Assumpção UFPA -
Rommel Maria Rodríguez Burbano UFPA -
Sheila Coelho Soares Lima Molecular Carcinogenesis Program -
Sima Ferman Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Program (21) 3207-1527
Simone de Queiroz Chaves Lourenço Molecular Carcinogenesis Program -