The Graduate Program in Oncology (PPGO)


Last updated: 08/23/2021 | 16h15

All advisors who wish to indicate student candidates for the MSc/PhD selection process must be approved in an annual accreditation, even if he/she is advising students in the Program. The accreditation of permanent and collaborating advisors is held once a year. Among the requirements for approval of accreditation are the criteria for Faculty productivity according to the standards of area “Medicine I” at CAPES (Brazilian Ministry of Education). For those who are already advisors to the Program, the requirements for participation in the activities of the Program, as the offering of regular courses, participation in comissions and as member of Exam Committees for MSc and PHd public defenses, as well as extension and social activities of the Prorgam will be taken into account. 

For the next CAPES evaluation period, the following professors make up the Program framework: 


Permanent Advisors

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Collaborating Advisors

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